Gastric synucleinopathy as prodromal pathological biomarker in idiopathic REM sleep behaviour disorder


Pathological studies on peripheral tissues have been conducted in patients with idiopathic rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder (iRBD) to investigate potential prodromal biomarkers before the development of overt synucleinopathies (). However, no studies have evaluated the in vivo tissues of the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract in the iRBD population. Moreover, methodological heterogeneity makes it difficult to directly compare the results of each study on peripheral synucleinopathy. To address this problem, researchers who study tissues of the GI tract conducted an international collaborative study which showed that one immunohistochemistry (IHC) method showed 100% accuracy.1 This method is promising for unifying the method used in studies of the GI tract, but it has not yet been validated by other research groups.

Therefore, the objectives of this study were (1) to evaluate the possibility of using upper GI specimens as a ‘prodromal’ pathological biomarker of synucleinopathy in patients with iRBD…

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