Improvement of Comorbid Psoriasis in Patients With MS Treated With Natalizumab


To present observations on administration of natalizumab to 18 patients with the comorbid MS and psoriasis, who represented a full subset of patients with such comorbidity within the patient records available.


A retrospective analysis of patient records was performed. Patient histories were gathered and included date of diagnosis of MS and psoriasis, MS disease-modifying therapies (DMTs), Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS), reason for DMT switch, and effects on MS and psoriasis status.


On initiation of natalizumab, all 18 patients had a complete cessation of MS disease activity (within 2–8 months) with significant patient-reported improvement of psoriasis (within 1–5 months). This improvement was independent of previous MS therapy and led to 15 of 18 patients needing no additional treatment for MS and psoriasis (remaining 3 patients continued to use topical treatments for psoriasis).


In this cohort of 18 patients with comorbid MS and psoriasis, beneficial results on both diseases were observed after initiation of therapy with natalizumab.

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