Reader response: Smartphone use and primary headache: A cross-sectional hospital-based study

I read the article by Uttarwar et al.1 with interest. We are reporting special cases of bikers using mobile phone by inserting it inside their helmet over the pinnae, resulting in difficult-to-treat headache. One of our first patients was a building engineer who used to converse with his workers continuously during his ride, with phone over the ear inside the helmet. Several medications were tried for his headache until, during one of his visits, we found out his peculiar habit. Although mobile handsets are known to cause headaches, it is something inevitable in day-to-day life.2,3 This is because during the past few decades, several functions other than communication are integrated into it such as camera, torch light, email, internet access, videos, music, and games. Our patient reduced phone calls after our advice and also started using headsets, with which he started improving without using medications. We had several other patients with headache associated with continuous mobile phone usage.

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