Left ventricular hypertrophy and other cardiac risk factors in migraineurs



The influence of cardiovascular risk factors on the probability of cardiovascular diseases in migraineurs is still being discussed.

Aims of the Study

To further elucidate the mechanisms of these relationships, we assessed the associations between migraine and cardiovascular risk factors, including those that have been recently shown to improve the prediction of cardiovascular events.


We used the data of the Finnish Health 2000 Survey (BRIF8901), consisting of 5737 subjects aged 30 years or older. In total, 488 participants reported migraine. In addition to conventional cardiovascular risk factors, educational attainment, presence of electrocardiographic signs of left ventricular hypertrophy and hemoglobin A1c were also included in the logistic regression analyses.


Migraine was found to be associated with female sex (Odds ratio (OR) = 3.75, p < .001), lower age (B = 0.99, p < .001), lower high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (OR = 1.23, p < .05), higher diastolic blood pressure (OR = 1.31, p < .05), and left ventricular hypertrophy (OR = 1.32, p < .05), the probability of the last one increasing with migraine attack frequency.


Left ventricular hypertrophy, most probably as a consequence of migraine-related arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia, may play a role in the relationship between migraine and cardiovascular events. The nature of this finding calls for further studies.

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