A Day That Changed Lives

Sighing with dejection, I rolled towards the window adjacent to my bed and stared into the sullen, rainy October night—another 4:00 am early morning awakening. This pattern had been ongoing for weeks and was becoming exhausting. For the next 2 hours I restlessly tossed, suffering random thoughts, obscured by fatigue and darkness; I cannot fully describe the disquiet inflicted upon me by these hours of unrest. Finally, at 6:00 am, the clock-radio alarm fulfilled its unnecessary duty, heralding the start of yet another day. This morning’s Classic FM “arousing music to awaken” was “Jupiter” from The Planets orchestral suite by Holst. Try as I might, I could not feel inspired. I paused, staring at myself in the mirror. I looked tired and demoralized. I sighed again, and prepared for the day ahead.

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