Neurology(R) in 2021: Progress Report

By the time this editorial is published, it will have been a year since I began my term as Editor-in-Chief of Neurology. It has been quite a year. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic led to millions of deaths and economic hardship worldwide; forced us to change the way we study, work, and interact with each other; and politicized science and scientific facts. At the same time, it showed how the scientific, medical, and public health community could work together to respond to the pandemic and, encouragingly, develop, test, and start administering several effective vaccines. Last year was a year of political, economic, and societal turmoil throughout the world. Every continent experienced severe weather events caused by a changing climate. In the United States, the killing of George Floyd led to a long-overdue national reckoning on race and racism that I fervently hope will lead to societal changes that address centuries of injustice. In addition, over the last 11 months, we witnessed 2 presidential impeachment trials and an acrimonious political campaign season that ended in a riotous insurrection.

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