Bilateral trigeminal motor nucleus syndrome

Case description

A 48-year-old man was brought to our unit with deteriorating consciousness but no available history. His Glasgow Coma Scale score was 11/15 (E3, V4, M4). A limited neurological examination identified neck stiffness with normal upper and lower limbs except for extensor plantar responses. Cranial nerve examination was also limited, but with no obvious ophthalmoplegia, facial weakness, wasting of muscles of mastication or jaw drop. Following intubation, he was found to have persistently elevated inflammatory markers but negative blood and urine cultures. MR scan of brain with contrast showed multiple ring-enhancing lesions and meningeal enhancement without hydrocephalus (figure 1). Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis showed a raised protein, with lymphocytosis and low glucose. Nucleic acid amplification test of CSF for tuberculosis was positive.

We started antituberculosis treatment combined with corticosteroids and he improved clinically after 2 weeks. During recovery, he reported difficulty closing his mouth and chewing. On examination,…

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