Teleneurology in Parkinson's disease: A step‐by‐step video guide


The COVID-19 pandemic forced the implementation of social distancing and circulation restrictions. This affected all aspects of society including health care. In the field of chronic neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (PD), teleneurology is employed in scenarios where face-to-face interactions are not possible. A growing number of clinicians and institutions are turning to teleneurology in order to providing medical care.

Aims of the article

In this manuscript, we present a practical, ‘how we do it in real life’, example of a teleneurology appointment with a person with PD (PwP).


We elaborated a step-by-step approach of the main aspects of a consultation with a PwP and provide video illustration.


The key aspects of a teleneurology appointment were separated into: (1) In the office, before the appointment; (2) History taking; (3) Examination; and (4) Finishing up.


We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this approach and provide our experience in overcoming commonly encountered difficulties.

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