Author Response: Exosomal Neurofilament Light: A Prognostic Biomarker for Remote Symptoms After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

We thank Dr. Kawada for his comments and inquiry on our article.1 Our report of plasma and exosomal axonal, inflammatory, and vascular biomarkers is part of a discovery project studying candidate biomarkers of remote mild TBI (mTBI) outcomes among service members and veterans with combat-related mTBI enrolled in the Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium longitudinal study. This study complemented our previous report that evaluated biomarkers associated with neurodegeneration tau, hyperphosphorylated tau, and beta amyloid-40 and beta amyloid-42.2 The samples in this analysis were obtained a mean of 8 years after the most severe combat-related mTBI. By contrast, the specimens in the earlier study by Gill et al.3 were obtained much earlier from service members who had sustained an mTBI within the previous 3 years. In addition to the difference in mean time since injury, there were other methodological differences between the studies. All results are preliminary and require validation in a larger cohort.

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