Expanding the therapeutic toolkit in functional neurological disorder: consensus recommendations for speech and language therapy

Role for speech and language professionals in the multidisciplinary approach to functional neurological disorder and related conditions

Our ability to communicate with one another is precious. For individuals diagnosed with functional neurological disorder (FND)—a prevalent, costly and potentially disabling condition at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry—patients can present with speech and swallowing difficulties in isolation or as part of a mixed symptom complex.1 Baker and colleagues have deftly addressed a previously unmet need in the field by organising a multidisciplinary, international expert panel (including 18 speech and language professionals) to detail consensus recommendations for the management of functional communication, swallowing, cough and related conditions.2

Convergent with published consensus recommendations for physiotherapy and occupational therapy in FND,3 4 this article expands the therapeutic toolkit for the management of functional neurological symptoms. After first providing a guide for how to assess and explain the…

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