What is in the Neuromuscular Junction Literature?

This update begins with myasthenia gravis and the roles of anti-agrin and cortactin antibodies. Regarding diagnosis, a report on repeated ice pack testing is highlighted as are several reports on the close correlation of electrodiagnostic testing with clinical features and the response to treatment. The incidence of head drop and associated clinical and ventilatory features are gleaned from a retrospective study. We also discuss a study that assessed the predominantly symmetric and conjugate ocular findings in MuSK-myasthenia gravis. Other topics that are covered include quality of life and preoperative risk. We then summarize the positive treatment trials of subcutaneous immunoglobulin and eculizumab. Turning to Lambert–Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome, we report on an epidemiologic study performed on the veteran affairs population, the results of the DAPPER study of 3, 4 diaminopyridine, and look to the future for other treatment options involving calcium gating modifiers.


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