Teaching Video NeuroImage: One Bedside Test, 2 Clinical Signs: One Vestibular, the Other Ocular Motor

A 60-year-old patient had progressive imbalance. Examination revealed saccadic smooth pursuit, downbeat nystagmus, ataxia of stance and gait, and reduced vibration sense. Video head impulse and caloric testing both showed vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) deficits (figure). The patient has cerebellar ataxia with neuronopathy and vestibular areflexia syndrome.1,2 Slow head turns while looking at an earth-fixed target produce saccadic rather than smooth compensatory eye movements (Videos 1) due to impairment of both the VOR and smooth pursuit (the visually enhanced VOR): 1 simple bedside test, 2 clinical signs, and 1 precise diagnosis.

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