Nigerian Study Validates Wide Variations in Epilepsy Prevalence and Elucidates Potential Targets for Disease Prevention

For more than a decade, epilepsy has been established as one the most devastating of health states in terms of its impact on disability and premature mortality for those affected.1 Substantial efforts have been made to delineate the burden of epilepsy globally and to identify opportunities for epilepsy prevention, particularly opportunities relevant to resource-limited settings where the epilepsy treatment gap undoubtedly worsens disease burden.2 Wide differences in epilepsy prevalence have long been noted, with the highest burdens being in low-income, tropical settings, but whether these differences are due to true differences in disease distribution vs study methodology variation has remained unknown. In 2017, in a systematic review, Fiest et al.3 identified incidence data and information on age strata as key gaps in our understanding of the epidemiology of epilepsy globally.

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