Mononeuropathy Multiplex After COVID-19


COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that emerged in 2019 and is responsible for a global pandemic. Numerous neurologic manifestations have been described in the literature regarding COVID-19, but most studies are focused on the central nervous system. The authors have noted an association between prior COVID-19 infection and the development of a systemic neuropathy that manifests with asymmetric sensorimotor loss in the peripheral nervous system. We describe 4 cases of mononeuropathy multiplex that were diagnosed after COVID-19 infection.


All patients included were treated for severe COVID-19 infection at New York Presbyterian Hospital and subsequently referred to the Columbia Peripheral Neuropathy Center for persistent neuropathy.


Patient history, COVID-19 disease course, and mononeuropathy multiplex diagnostic evaluation of the 4 patients are recounted.


We postulate a connection between COVID-19 and the development of mononeuropathy multiplex with implications in prognostication, rehabilitation strategies, and future treatments.


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