Garcin Syndrome in a Patient With Neurolymphomatosis

A 78-year-old woman progressively developed right-sided blindness, total ophthalmoplegia, painful facial palsy, and deafness with erythema 8 months before death. MRI showed enlarged right trigeminal nerve with contrast enhancement. FDG-PET showed abnormal uptake from the right trigeminal nerve to optic canal (Figure 1). CSF cytology showed no malignant findings. Skin biopsy showed perineural proliferation of CD20-positive lymphocytic cells (Figure 2). We diagnosed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Garcin syndrome is characterized by global ipsilateral cranial nerve palsies without long tract disturbance or intracranial hypertension.1 Few reports have documented Garcin syndrome in neurolymphomatosis.2 Accurate diagnosis is important due to extremely poor prognosis.

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