Gratitude by Oliver Sacks

Our group agreed that this is a charming book, and that part of its charm is that it can be read in an hour. Indeed, two members had read it two times already and one had started it only on the evening of the meeting. Its 45 pages are beautifully crafted, edited and presented; even at 20p per page, it makes an ideal gift for anyone interested in neurology. Every sentence carries some weight, and as such it is one of those rare books (at least in our neurology book club’s experience) where readers are left wanting just a little more.

Oliver Sacks is probably the best-known public neurologist, from the time he first brought the detective work of neurological consultations into the public eye in the 1980s in his classic, first a book and subsequently an opera, The man who mistook his wife for a hat. Through his writing, he…

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