Neuralgic Amyotrophy Associated With Hepatitis E Virus Infection: First Case in the United States

imageHepatitis E is an emerging viral infection in developed countries. It can present with multiple extra-hepatic manifestations, including neuralgic amyotrophy. We report a 52-year-old man who presented with neck and shoulder pain followed by orthopnea and left arm weakness. Electrodiagnostic testing showed left phrenic neuropathy and denervation in bilateral C5 and C6 myotomes. He also had elevated liver enzymes, which led to the diagnosis of acute hepatitis E. This is the first case of neuralgic amyotrophy associated with hepatitis E in the United States. Hepatitis E should be considered in patients with neuralgic amyotrophy, particularly men with bilateral symptoms, and if there is unexplained elevation of transaminases. The role of antiviral therapy remains unclear.


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