#NeuroTwitter 101: a tweetorial on creating tweetorials

When the COVID-19 pandemic reduced opportunities for inperson learning for students, residents and fellows, many neurologists turned to online learning modalities such as podcasts, webinars and social media platforms like Twitter.1–4 The ‘Tweetorial’ (a hybridisation of the words ‘tweet’ and ‘tutorial’) recently emerged as a way to provide online teaching through the Twitter platform,5 which is free to join and can be accessed online or via a smartphone application. Tweetorials provide opportunities for teaching beyond the walls of one’s institution, as well as for learning through crowd-sourced feedback from a vibrant, online, global medical education community.6 7 For neurologists interested in learning how to create a tweetorial, we have developed this guide, formatted as an actual tweetorial so you can ‘see one, do one, and teach one’.

Key points

  • Tweetorials are tutorials on the social media…

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