Iatrogenic Femoral Neuropathy: Two Cases and Literature Update

imageIatrogenic femoral neuropathy is an uncommon surgical or obstetric complication that may be underreported. It results from compression, stretch, ischemia, or direct trauma of the nerve during hip arthroplasty, self-retaining retractor use in pelvicoabdominal surgery, lithotomy positioning for anesthesia or labor, and other more rare causes. Decreasing incidence of this complication after abdominal and gynecologic surgery but increase in its absolute numbers after hip arthroplasty has emerged over the last decade. We describe two illustrative cases related respectively to lithotomy positioning and self-retaining retractor use. The variability in clinical presentation of iatrogenic femoral nerve lesions, some new insights in their diverse pathophysiology, and in the diagnostic and treatment options are discussed with an update from the literature.


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