Cervical Artery Dissection in Young Women: Risk of Recurrence During Subsequent Pregnancies


To assess the risk of recurrence of cervical artery dissection (CAD) during pregnancy and puerperium in women with a history of CAD and then help physicians with providing medical information to women who wish to become pregnant.


Women aged 16–45 years who were admitted to our center for a CAD between 2005 and 2017 were identified from the hospital database, and those with spontaneous and symptomatic CAD were included. They were then contacted to answer a questionnaire that was specifically designed in regard to the recurrence of CAD and pregnancies after the primary CAD.


Ninety-one patients satisfied our inclusion criteria, and 89 were included in the analysis. During a median follow-up of 7.0 years, 4 women (4.4%) had recurrent CAD, although none during pregnancy or puerperium. Eighteen women (20%) had a total of 20 full-term pregnancies, occurring at least 6 months after CAD. Of these 20 pregnancies, 13 (65%) were vaginal deliveries, and 7 (35%) were cesarean sections. The reason for the absence of pregnancies after the initial CAD was unrelated to the vascular event in 89% of cases, but 8% of the women had been advised by a physician to avoid any future pregnancy or they had been recommended to undergo abortion or sterilization.


In this study, there were no CAD recurrences during subsequent pregnancies or postpartum, irrespective of the type of delivery. Thus, pregnancy after a history of CAD appears to be safe.

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