Editors' Note: Randomized Study of Bedside vs Hallway Rounding: Neurology Rounding Study

Dr. Solomon and colleagues reported their findings of a single-center prospective, randomized time-motion study of bedside vs hallway rounding. The investigators found no difference in rounding efficiency, although bedside rounds led to significantly greater time spent by providers with their patients. Nurses and patients responded more favorably to the bedside strategy, whereas residents felt that hallway rounds were more educational and permitted more accurate review of medical data (using an electronic medical record). Each rounding technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. As Dr. Sethi recounts from his training experience, bedside rounds may fuel trainee anxiety as they are simultaneously questioned by senior team members and scrutinized by patients during oral presentations. In conclusion, as with all medical management strategies, the optimal rounding paradigm is likely the one that is tailored to each unique clinical scenario.

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