Reader Response: Randomized Study of Bedside vs Hallway Rounding: Neurology Rounding Study

I read with interest the study by Solomon et al.1 comparing bedside and hallway rounding. I did my medical school and residency training in Internal Medicine in India where rounds were conducted bedside twice daily. A detailed round occurred in the morning with the attending and the entire team. The patient was presented and examined, investigations were reviewed, and the care plan was discussed. The abridged round late in the afternoon with the senior resident followed up the events of the day and acted as a sign-out to the night call team. As residents, we dreaded the morning rounds because we were quizzed on our knowledge of the patients’ presentation and management, but it also helped us to become good bedside clinicians and master the skills of clinical examination. In fact, Charles Miller Fisher, an expert neurologist, proposed that “the method of clinical observation should be just as rigorous as that of the laboratory bench.”2

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