Editors' Note: Use of Social Media in Health Care–Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations: A Position Statement of the American Academy of Neurology

The recently published AAN position statement on the use of social media among medical professionals sheds light on the ever increasing adoption of cyber platforms by neurologists. Nine of 10 physicians use social media for personal reasons, with 2 of every 3 also using it professionally. Online platforms engender unique opportunities to quickly disseminate medical knowledge while permitting patients and community dwellers to engage with medical professionals in an open forum. There are important considerations for health care professionals to keep in mind because they use these resources, particularly those that relate to patient confidentiality and provider credibility. In many instances, it might be prudent to dissociate one’s personal and professional online presence. In response, Drs. Garg and Vishnu emphasized the difficulty that health care professionals may face in separating these 2 domains because our personal lives are inextricably tied to our professional ones. Dr. Taylor agreed that a provider’s personality will augment their professional presence on social media but cautions providers about the use of unprofessional content and how it might compromise our professional and other important relationships.

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