Multidisciplinary team meetings: the epilepsy experience

Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings are essential for ensuring optimal and consistent management for patients with complex problems and a variety of treatment options. Epilepsy surgery MDTs are a good example of complex decision making and planning to the best possible outcomes. The meetings need to run to an agreed format, with participants from neurology, neurophysiology, neuroimaging, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry and neurosurgery all contributing succinct opinions to enable an informed discussion. A key feature of a successful MDT is to have a clear record of complementary data and perspectives, and to document management options. It is crucial to have a debrief after the event if an outcome is less good than anticipated, with the case being gone through in as much detail as a preoperative case, and ensuring that the whole team shares the successes and the disappointments and learns from the experience.

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