Beyond Seizures: Can Persons With Epilepsy Play HOBSCOTCH to Take Control?

From a patient perspective, the challenges of managing life with a chronic disease are often as much about losing control as dealing with symptoms or side effects of treatment. Patients often ask us what they can do to take charge of their epilepsy, participate in their own care, and improve quality of life. In this issue of Neurology®, Streltzov et al.1 examined the value of a self-management and cognitive training program in people with epilepsy (PWE) and compared the intervention using in-person and virtual platforms. They found improvements in quality of life and subjective measures of cognition in people participating in the in-person sessions but less of an effect in those using a fully virtual format. These findings raise questions of how best to engage PWE in their care, to improve self-efficacy, that is, increased sense of control over their clinical course, and to ensure that interventions have enduring effects.

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