A Biallelic Variant in FRA10AC1 Is Associated With Neurodevelopmental Disorder and Growth Retardation


Our objective was to identify the genetic cause in a family with a remarkable history of neurodevelopmental disease and growth retardation.


A neurologic evaluation was performed, and DNA samples were obtained from the affected siblings and parents to perform whole-exome sequencing (WES).


Both siblings presented with dysmorphic features, failure to thrive, global developmental delay, generalized hypotonia, feeding problems, and congenital heart disease. WES revealed a homozygous nonsense variant in the FRA10AC1 gene in both siblings.


A recent study has reported the first association of biallelic variants in the spliceosomal C complex gene, FRA10AC1, with syndromic neurodevelopmental disease and growth retardation in 5 patients from 3 consanguineous families complex. In this study, we provide the first confirmation of the reported FRA10AC1-related neurologic syndrome in an additional family.

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