Chen, D. T., Worrall, B. B.

Chen, D. T., Worrall, B. B. September 3, 2017

In this study, Thomalla et al.1 compare baseline characteristics of participants providing informed consent with those enrolled by surrogate permission (legal guardian, next of kin, investigator and independent physician, or just investigator) from the first 1,005 participants enrolled in WAKE-UP, a multinational European clinical trial of MRI-based thrombolysis in stroke patients with unknown time of onset.… Read More...

Ferroni, P., Barbanti, P., Aurilia, C., Egeo, G., Fofi, L., La Farina, F., Valente, M. G., De Marchis, M. L., Spila, A., Palmirotta, R., Della-Morte, D., Guadagni, F. September 3, 2017

Migraine has been associated with an increased risk for stroke, especially in young women.1 Among the pathophysiologic mechanisms linking migraine and stroke, coagulation abnormalities have been regarded as a logical link.2

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Thomalla, G., Boutitie, F., Fiebach, J. B., Simonsen, C. Z., Nighoghossian, N., Pedraza, S., Lemmens, R., Roy, P., Muir, K. W., Heesen, C., Ebinger, M., Ford, I., Cheng, B., Cho, T.-H., Puig, J., Thijs, V., Endres, M., Fiehler, J., Gerloff, C. September 3, 2017


To determine whether the manner of consent, i.e., informed consent by patients themselves or informed consent by proxy, affects clinical characteristics of samples of acute stroke patients enrolled in clinical trials.


We analyzed the manner of obtaining informed consent in the first 1,005 patients from WAKE-UP, an investigator-initiated, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of MRI-based thrombolysis in stroke patients with unknown time of symptom onset running in 6 European countries.… Read More...

Cortese, M., Yuan, C., Chitnis, T., Ascherio, A., Munger, K. L. September 3, 2017


To prospectively investigate the association between dietary sodium intake and multiple sclerosis (MS) risk.


In this cohort study, we assessed dietary sodium intake by a validated food frequency questionnaire administered every 4 years to 80,920 nurses in the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) (1984–2002) and to 94,511 in the Nurses’ Health Study II (NHSII) (1991–2007), and calibrated it using data from a validation study.… Read More...

Raposo, N., Sonnen, J. A. September 3, 2017

Sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) is a common age-related cerebral small vessel disease characterized by progressive deposition of amyloidal protein made up of (with rare exception) amyloid-β (Aβ) in the media and adventitia of cortical and leptomeningeal vessels.1 Lobar intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) represents a late, often devastating manifestation of the disease, leading to high mortality, poor functional outcome, and dementia.… Read More...

Kinoshita, N., Saito, K., Tanaka, T., Kajimoto, K., Yamagami, H., Morita, Y., Ihara, M., Nagatsuka, K. September 3, 2017

A 70-year-old man without cerebrovascular risk factors was admitted to our hospital with amaurosis fugax of the right eye. Diffusion MRI showed an acute asymptomatic brain infarct in the right frontal lobe cortex, and carotid duplex ultrasound revealed movement of the right internal carotid artery (ICA), with a hypoechoic plaque at its origin, in contact with the hyoid bone during head rotation and swallowing (figure).… Read More...

Mosconi, L., Berti, V., Quinn, C., McHugh, P., Petrongolo, G., Varsavsky, I., Osorio, R. S., Pupi, A., Vallabhajosula, S., Isaacson, R. S., de Leon, M. J., Brinton, R. D. September 3, 2017


This observational multimodality brain imaging study investigates emergence of endophenotypes of late-onset Alzheimer disease (AD) risk during endocrine transition states in a cohort of clinically and cognitively normal women and age-matched men.


Forty-two 40- to 60-year-old cognitively normal women (15 asymptomatic perimenopausal by age [CNT], 13 perimenopausal [PERI], and 14 postmenopausal [MENO]) and 18 age- and education-matched men were examined.… Read More...

Wright, M. D., Poe, M. D., DeRenzo, A., Haldal, S., Escolar, M. L. September 3, 2017


To describe long-term outcomes of children with early-infantile Krabbe disease who underwent hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) in the first 7 weeks of life.


In this prospective longitudinal study, evaluations performed at baseline and follow-up included brain imaging, neurodiagnostic tests, and neurobehavioral evaluations.… Read More...

Charidimou, A., Farid, K., Baron, J.-C. September 3, 2017


To perform a meta-analysis synthesizing evidence of the value and accuracy of amyloid-PET in diagnosing patients with sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA).


In a PubMed systematic literature search, we identified all case-control studies with extractable data relevant for the sensitivity and specificity of amyloid-PET positivity in symptomatic patients with CAA (cases) vs healthy participants or patients with spontaneous deep intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) (control groups).… Read More...

Can, A., Castro, V. M., Ozdemir, Y. H., Dagen, S., Yu, S., Dligach, D., Finan, S., Gainer, V., Shadick, N. A., Murphy, S., Cai, T., Savova, G., Dammers, R., Weiss, S. T., Du, R. September 3, 2017


Although smoking is a known risk factor for intracranial aneurysm (IA) rupture, the exact relationship between IA rupture and smoking intensity and duration, as well as duration of smoking cessation, remains unknown.


In this case-control study, we analyzed 4,701 patients with 6,411 IAs diagnosed at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital between 1990 and 2016.… Read More...

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