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Monita Karmakar, Jon D. Elhai, Aliaksandr A. Amialchuk, Gretchen E. Tietjen October 13, 2017


Personality traits (especially neuroticism) and childhood maltreatment have been independently related to many negative health outcomes later in life, including migraine. Studies have also shown the association between childhood maltreatment and maladaptive personality traits. The mediating role of personality traits on the relationship between childhood maltreatment and depression, psychological distress, and alcohol dependence has been extensively studied.

Noel Frey, Michael Bodmer, Andreas Bircher, Stephan Rüegg, Susan S. Jick, Christoph R. Meier, Julia Spoendlin October 13, 2017



Older antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are known to cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS/TEN). However, evidence for newer AED is sparse. We quantified risks of SJS/TEN in association with use of all AEDs in the United Kingdom.


In a matched case-control study of 480 previously validated SJS/TEN cases (1995–2013) we used conditional logistic regression to calculate odds ratios (ORs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs), and calculated absolute risks of SJS/TEN within separate cohorts of new users of 28 AEDs.

Therése Abrahamsson, Christina You Chien Chou, Si Ying Li, Adamo Mancino, Rui Ponte Costa, Jennifer Anne Brock, Erin Nuro, Katherine Anne Buchanan, Dale Elgar, Arne Vladimir Blackman, Adam Tudor-Jones, Julia Oyrer, William Todd Farmer, Keith Kazuo Murai, Per Jesper Sjöström October 12, 2017

A long-standing question has been how presynaptic NMDA receptors influence high-frequency evoked neurotransmission but spontaneous release at low rates. Providing resolution, Abrahamsson et al. show that these receptors regulate evoked and spontaneous release via distinct RIM1αβ- and JNK2-dependent mechanisms, respectively.

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