December 2, 2023


Dr. Ioannis Mavroudis is a highly experienced and accomplished consultant neurologist with a deep expertise in several areas of neurology, including traumatic brain injuries, neuromuscular diseases, functional neurological disorders, migraines, headaches, epilepsy, and memory-related problems like dementia. With his current practice at 10 Harley Street and the Good Health Centre at Leeds, Dr. Mavroudis continually delivers exceptional patient care informed by the latest advancements in neurology. Holding a Senior Lecturer position at the University of Leeds and serving in Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Dr. Mavroudis dedicates a significant portion of his time to shaping the minds of future medical professionals. His academic background is further solidified by a PhD in Neuroscience, which he obtained in 2013. In addition to his clinical and academic roles, Dr. Mavroudis is a trained Expert Witness, providing his expertise on clinical negligence and personal injury cases. His vast experience and specialized knowledge enable him to provide insightful, nuanced perspectives. Dr. Mavroudis began his medical journey at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, where he completed his basic training. Subsequently, he spent a decade as a research fellow at the Laboratory of Neuropathology and Electron Microscopy. This experience, coupled with his work at the Forensic Department of the Aristotle University, allowed him to gain significant experience in post mortem brain examination. Dr. Mavroudis' articles reflect his deep understanding of neurology and commitment to advancing the field. They are informed by his extensive research and clinical experience, providing readers with accurate, up-to-date information on a range of neurology topics.