Does compensatory hyperparathyroidism predispose to ischemic stroke? Decreased bone mass and increased bone turnover with valproate therapy in adults with epilepsy; An alternative to vitamin D supplementation to prevent fractures in patients with MS; High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and reduced bone mass in Parkinson’s disease


Because of known issues leading to several retractions of papers by Y. Sato et al., the editors of Neurology® have, as a matter of due diligence, researched other papers that this group published in Neurology. To ensure that the scientific literature is correct, the Editor chooses to publish an Expression of Concern regarding 3 observational studies and a Letter to the Editor published in Neurology prior to the retracted clinical trials.1–4

After numerous attempts to contact the corresponding author, Y. Sato, no reply has been received and coauthors have indicated that he reportedly has died. Only 2 coauthors responded to requests for information: K. Satoh, listed as a coauthor on the first 2 papers,1,2 replied that he could not judge the validity of the papers because his contribution was limited only to editing of the draft manuscripts written in English. J. Iwamoto, listed as a coauthor on the first paper,1 responded that he is not certain about the validity of the paper because he did not participate in either the research or writing and did not know about the existence of the paper until it was published.

Concern is therefore expressed that information in these papers may not conform to publishing ethics and should be read with caution.

Previously retracted papers are listed below.5–8


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