Subjective memory complaints in preclinical autosomal dominant Alzheimer disease



To cross-sectionally study subjective memory complaints (SMC) in autosomal dominant Alzheimer disease (ADAD).


We examined self-reported and study partner–based SMC in 52 young, cognitively unimpaired individuals from a Colombian kindred with early-onset ADAD. Twenty-six carried the PSEN-1 E280A mutation, averaging 7 years of age younger than the kindred’s expected clinical onset. Twenty-six were age-matched noncarriers. Participants also underwent structural MRI and cognitive testing.


Self-reported SMC were greater in carriers than noncarriers (p = 0.02). Study partner–based SMC did not differ between groups (p = 0.21), but in carriers increased with age (r = 0.66, p < 0.001) and decreased with hippocampal volume (r = –0.35, p = 0.08).


Cognitively unimpaired PSEN-1 carriers have elevated SMC. Self-reported SMC may be a relatively early indicator of preclinical AD, while partner- reported SMC increases later in preclinical AD, closer to clinical onset.


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