AT-300, a calcium modulator, improves muscle force production and decreases muscle degeneration in D2-mdx model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy


AT-300 is a peptide, a new class of drugs that selectively modulate mechanosensitive cation channels. These channels are involved in disease progression in DMD and murine models. The objective of these investigations was to determine AT-300 1)PK in mouse muscle and 2) acute and 6 weeks in vivo efficacy in the D2-mdx. PK and efficacy testing were conducted on DBA/2J and D2-mdx murine model of DMD at 6–9 weeks of age. Efficacy was measured in situ with a muscle lever system. Isometric torque after 20 eccentric contractions of the hind limb plantar flexors was compared to baseline and to controls.


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