Osmolyte transporters of Betaine GABA (SLC6A12) and taurine (SLC5A3) are expressed in muscle-infiltrating mononuclear cells in inflammatory myopathies


In order to regulate their volume and intracellular salt concentration, cells either accumulate or evacuate osmotically active organic solutes, among which the polyols sorbitol and myo-inositol and the amino acid taurine. A link has been established between osmolyte and inflammatory pathways, and their interactions have been shown to be involved in human inflammatory disease. For this study, we investigated the distribution of the solute carriers SLC6A12, SLC5A3 and SLC6A6, and of the osmolyte generator AKR1B1 in tissues from patients diagnosed with inflammatory myopathies, using quantitative western blotting and immunofluorescence.


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