Segmental body composition in young children with SMA type 2: Correlation with motor function abilities


The aim of the present study was to investigate the correlation between fat mass (FM) and fat-free mass (FFM), measured by total and segmental body dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), and the Hammersmith Functional Motor Scale Expanded (HFMSE) and the Upper limb module (ULM). 40 children with SMA type 2 (mean age 4.07 ± 1.90 years) were included in the study. Total FFM and FM were not correlated with HFMSE scores. However, when we investigated the correlation of segmental FFM and FM with motor function scores, we found that lower limbs FFM was significantly correlated with HFMSE scores (r = 0.375; p = 0.017), while no correlations were found between upper limbs FFM and HFMSE (r = 0.050; p = 0.756) or ULM (r = 0,154; p = 0,392).


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