TIEG1 is a novel regulator of muscle mitochondrial biogenesis


TGFβ inducible early gene-1 (TIEG1) is a member of KLF family that regulates gene expression in multiple cell and tissue types. Our first investigation in fast (EDL) and slow (soleus) twitch skeletal muscles provided new insights about the role of TIEG1 in the functional and structural properties. TIEG1 Knockout (KO) muscle showed a hyperplasia and hypertrophy of all fiber types along with an increase in glycolytic fibers and a decrease in oxidative fibers. Then we performed transmission electron microscopy (TEM), histochemical (SDH: succinate dehydrogenase, COX: cytochrome c oxidase, etc) and mitochondrial function assays on soleus and EDL of WT and TIEG1 KO mice.


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