Eccrine spiradenoma mimicking a painful traumatic neuroma: case report


Journal of Neurosurgery, Ahead of Print.
Diagnosing and treating patients with persistent neuropathic pain associated with peripheral nerve lesions can be challenging. The authors report the rare case of a painful eccrine spiradenoma treated as a traumatic neuroma for many years because of a history of acute trauma, the presence of a tender palpable mass, and symptoms of allodynia. Surgical excision of the neoplasm completely relieved the pain and hypersensitivity that 2 prior surgeries and other nonsurgical treatments failed to resolve. The diagnosis of eccrine spiradenoma was not established until resection and histopathological analysis of the tissue. This case highlights the need to develop and consider an extensive list of differential diagnoses, including eccrine spiradenoma, for peripheral nerve lesions that fail to respond to treatment.

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