Awake perimetry testing for occipital epilepsy surgery


Journal of Neurosurgery, Ahead of Print.
In the literature, there are few reports that provide a detailed account on the technique of visual electrocortical stimulation in the setting of resective surgery for occipital epilepsy. In this technical note, the authors describe how a 26-year-old male with long-standing occipital epilepsy underwent resective surgery under awake conditions, using electrocortical stimulation of the occipital lobe, with the aid of a laser pointer and a perimetry chart on a stand within his visual field. The eloquent primary visual cortex was found to overlap with the seizure onset zone that was previously determined with subdural electrodes. A maximum functionally safe resection was performed, rendering the patient seizure free as of his last follow-up at 20 months, with no visual field impairment.

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