Annals of Neurology: Volume 82, Number 6, December 2017


A stack of five 5 micron-thick confocal photomicrographs showing the striatum in a rat injected into the frontal cortex with a viral agent causing neurons to express channelrhodopsin 2 fused to a derivative of green fluorescent protein. Note the bundles of descending cortical axons, and the ramifications and small axonal boutons scattered within the striatum. A few large dendrites covered with spines are seen in the upper part of the field, due to leakage of virus to transfect some medium spiny neurons in the striatum as well. In rats with brain iron deficiency, these synaptic terminals become hypersensitive in their ability to release glutamate upon direct light stimulation. See Yepes et al., p. 951 for details. Ann Neurol 2017;82:1–1


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