Serum neurofilaments increase at PML onset in natalizumab‐treated MS patients



This study analyzed serum neurofilament light chains (NfL) in 2 European cohorts of 312 MS patients to investigate whether NfL are biomarkers of PML during natalizumab treatment. The cohort comprised 25 PML, 136 natalizumab‐treated, and 151 untreated MS patients. Patients subsequently developing PML had similar NfL to other natalizumab‐treated MS patients. At PML onset, NfL were 10‐fold higher than in the pre‐PML condition and in natalizumab‐treated or untreated MS patients, and NfL continued to increase until onset of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. The results suggest that in natalizumab‐treated patients NfL may represent an early and accessible marker of PML.

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