Primary Progressive Aphasia Education and Support Groups: A Clinical Evaluation


American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease &Other Dementiasr, Volume 35, Issue , January-December 2020.
Objectives:To evaluate the benefits of a primary progressive aphasia (PPA) education and support session for people with PPA (pwPPA) and their caregivers.Method:Thirty-eight individuals (20 pwPPA, 18 caregivers) were invited to participate in the study. Twenty-five individuals (12 pwPPA, 13 caregivers) completed questionnaires before and after an education and support group session provided by a speech pathologist and a clinical psychologist. Seven individuals (2 pwPPA, 5 caregivers) participated in follow-up interviews.Results:After one attendance, caregivers reported significant improvement in knowledge of PPA, strategies to manage worry and low mood, and opportunities to meet peers. Themes at interview were reduced feelings of isolation, increased feelings of support, increased knowledge of coping strategies, and improved understanding of PPA. Caregivers who had attended previous sessions reported increased feelings of well-being and support.Implications:Primary progressive aphasia education and support group sessions in the postdiagnostic period constitute a valuable component of comprehensive care for PPA.


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