Practicality Assessment of the Improved ICT-Based Dementia Care Mapping Support System


American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease &Other Dementiasr, Volume 35, Issue , January-December 2020.
Objectives:Authors have developed an ICT (Information-Communication Technology)-based Dementia Care Mapping (DCM™) support system and assessed its usefulness previously using videos. The aim of this study is to evaluate practicality of the improved support system by actual mapping.Methods:We obtained highly reliable mapping data by a team of 3 mappers (M1, M2, and M3), who mapped 5 elderly people with dementia continuously over 4 hours in 2 sites. M1 mapped by conventional paper-based DCM™, while M2 and M3 mapped using the support system. Collected mapping data (n = 8, total of 232.5 hours = 2790 time frames) were compared.Results:The concordance rates between M1 and M2/M3 were over 70%; the required level for DCM™ evaluation purposes, with 1 exception. We also obtained users’ positive ratings regarding the system usability.Conclusion:Practicality of the ICT-based DCM™ support system was confirmed for evaluation purposes, demonstrating the system is ready for practical use.


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