Secondary Headache: Current Update



The purpose of this paper is to review some of the causes of secondary headache particularly focusing on the subcategories of secondary headache in the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 3rd edition, the clinical features of these headaches, and their associated features and management.


Headache attributed to trauma or injury to the head and/or neck, headache attributed to cranial or cervical vascular disorder, headache attributed to non‐vascular intracranial disorder, headache attributed to a substance or its withdrawal, headache attributed to infection, headache attributed to disorder of homeostasis, and headache or facial pain attributed to disorder of the cranium, neck, eye, ears, nose, sinuses, teeth, mouth, or other facial or cervical structure are discussed in this paper.


Headache is a common symptom of multiple medical conditions. Although a minority of headache patients have a secondary basis for their headaches, it is important to identify clinical features of secondary headache disorders including both the headache and non‐headache features of the condition, diagnose the secondary etiology correctly, and treat them appropriately.


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