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Weston, P. S. J., Poole, T., Ryan, N. S., Nair, A., Liang, Y., Macpherson, K., Druyeh, R., Malone, I. B., Ahsan, R. L., Pemberton, H., Klimova, J., Mead, S., Blennow, K., Rossor, M. N., Schott, J. M., Zetterberg, H., Fox, N. C. October 26, 2017


To investigate whether serum neurofilament light (NfL) concentration is increased in familial Alzheimer disease (FAD), both pre and post symptom onset, and whether it is associated with markers of disease stage and severity.


We recruited 48 individuals from families with PSEN1 or APP mutations to a cross-sectional study: 18 had symptomatic Alzheimer disease (AD) and 30 were asymptomatic but at 50% risk of carrying a mutation.… Read More...

Graff-Radford, J., Williams, L., Jones, D. T., Benarroch, E. E. October 26, 2017

The striatum participates in parallel corticobasal ganglia–thalamocortical loops interconnecting its different territories with areas of the frontal lobe, forming partially segregated motor, oculomotor, associative, and limbic circuits.1 Human studies using resting-state fMRI2–4 and diffusion tensor imaging5–10 confirm the presence of a functional parcellation of the human striatum, particularly the caudate nucleus,11 based on segregated corticostriatal connections.… Read More...

Charidimou, A., Boulouis, G., Roongpiboonsopit, D., Auriel, E., Pasi, M., Haley, K., van Etten, E. S., Martinez-Ramirez, S., Ayres, A., Vashkevich, A., Schwab, K. M., Goldstein, J. N., Rosand, J., Viswanathan, A., Greenberg, S. M., Gurol, M. E. October 26, 2017


In order to explore the mechanisms of cortical superficial siderosis (cSS) multifocality and its clinical implications for recurrent intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) risk in patients with cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA), we used a new rating method that we developed specifically to evaluate cSS extent at spatially separated foci.… Read More...

Risacher, S. L., Anderson, W. H., Charil, A., Castelluccio, P. F., Shcherbinin, S., Saykin, A. J., Schwarz, A. J., For the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative October 26, 2017


To test the hypothesis that cortical and hippocampal volumes, measured in vivo from volumetric MRI (vMRI) scans, could be used to identify variant subtypes of Alzheimer disease (AD) and to prospectively predict the rate of clinical decline.


Amyloid-positive participants with AD from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) 1 and ADNI2 with baseline MRI scans (n = 229) and 2-year clinical follow-up (n = 100) were included.… Read More...

Manning, K. Y., Schranz, A., Bartha, R., Dekaban, G. A., Barreira, C., Brown, A., Fischer, L., Asem, K., Doherty, T. J., Fraser, D. D., Holmes, J., Menon, R. S. October 26, 2017


To determine whether multiparametric MRI data can provide insight into the acute and long-lasting neuronal sequelae after a concussion in adolescent athletes.


Players were recruited from Bantam hockey leagues in which body checking is first introduced (male, age 11–14 years).… Read More...

Arba, F., Leigh, R., Inzitari, D., Warach, S. J., Luby, M., Lees, K. R., On behalf of the STIR/VISTA Imaging Collaboration October 26, 2017


In patients with acute ischemic stroke, we aimed to investigate the relation between preexisting small vessel disease (SVD) and the amount of blood–brain barrier (BBB) leakage in ischemic and nonischemic area before IV thrombolysis.


We retrospectively accessed anonymous patient-level data from the Stroke Imaging Repository and the Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive resources and included patients treated with IV thrombolysis with pretreatment MRI.… Read More...

Mielke, M. M., Otto, M. October 26, 2017

Neurodegeneration is a critical pathophysiologic process of Alzheimer disease (AD) and related dementias, and correlates better with cognitive symptoms than the sole presence of pathologic proteins such as β-amyloid or α-synuclein. Thus, the identification of a biomarker that tracks with neurodegeneration is critical for following disease progression from the preclinical through the clinical phases and assessing rate of progression or therapeutic utility.… Read More...

Lasry, O., Liu, E. Y., Powell, G. A., Ruel-Laliberte, J., Marcoux, J., Buckeridge, D. L. October 26, 2017


To comprehensively assess recurrent traumatic brain injury (rTBI) risk and risk factors in the general population.


We systematically searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, and the references of included studies until January 16, 2017, for general population observational studies reporting rTBI risk or risk factors.… Read More...

van Veluw, S. J., Lauer, A., Charidimou, A., Bounemia, N., Xiong, L., Boulouis, G., Fotiadis, P., Ayres, A., Gurol, M. E., Viswanathan, A., Greenberg, S. M., Vernooij, M. W. October 26, 2017


To address the pathophysiologic nature of small diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) lesions in patients with cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) who underwent serial MRI. Specifically, we tested (1) whether DWI lesions occurred preferentially in individuals with prior DWI lesions, (2) the cross-sectional association with chronic cortical cerebral microinfarcts (CMIs), and (3) the evolution of DWI lesions over time.… Read More...

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