General Neurology

Nadine Schmidt, Astrid Kollewe, Cristina E. Constantin, Sebastian Henrich, Andreas Ritzau-Jost, Wolfgang Bildl, Anja Saalbach, Stefan Hallermann, Akos Kulik, Bernd Fakler, Uwe Schulte October 19, 2017

PMCAs are fundamental for termination of Ca2+ signaling processes in many types of cells. Schmidt et al. identify Neuroplastin and Basigin as novel subunits of native PMCAs and illustrate the significance of both proteins for processing and function of PMCA complexes.… Read More...

Friedman, B. W., Irizarry, E., Solorzano, C., Latev, A., Rosa, K., Zias, E., Vinson, D. R., Bijur, P. E., Gallagher, E. J. October 19, 2017


To determine outcomes among patients with migraine in the emergency department (ED) who receive IV hydromorphone vs IV prochlorperazine + diphenhydramine.


This study was conducted in 2 EDs in New York City. Patients who met international criteria for migraine were eligible for participation if they had not used an opioid within the previous month.… Read More...

Gattringer, T., Pinter, D., Enzinger, C., Seifert-Held, T., Kneihsl, M., Fandler, S., Pichler, A., Barro, C., Gröbke, S., Voortman, M., Pirpamer, L., Hofer, E., Ropele, S., Schmidt, R., Kuhle, J., Fazekas, F., Khalil, M. October 19, 2017


To explore whether serum neurofilament light chain protein (NfL) levels are increased in patients with MRI-confirmed recent small subcortical infarcts (RSSI) compared to healthy controls and to determine the subsequent course and determinants of NfL levels in a longitudinal manner.… Read More...

Grothe, M. J., Barthel, H., Sepulcre, J., Dyrba, M., Sabri, O., Teipel, S. J., For the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative October 19, 2017


To estimate a regional progression pattern of amyloid deposition from cross-sectional amyloid-sensitive PET data and evaluate its potential for in vivo staging of an individual’s amyloid pathology.


Multiregional analysis of florbetapir (18F-AV45)–PET data was used to determine individual amyloid distribution profiles in a sample of 667 participants from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative cohort, including cognitively normal older individuals (CN) as well as patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease (AD) dementia.… Read More...

Disha Gupta, Alexandre Barachant, Andrew M. Gordon, Claudio Ferre, Hsing-Ching Kuo, Jason B. Carmel, Kathleen M. Friel October 16, 2017


Objective: We tested the hypothesis that somatosensory system injury would more strongly affect movement than motor system injury in children with unilateral cerebral palsy (USCP). This hypothesis was based on how somatosensory and corticospinal circuits adapt to injury during development: while the motor system can maintain connections to the impaired hand from the uninjured hemisphere, this doesn’t occur in the somatosensory system.


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