General Neurology

David G. Coughlin, Sharon X. Xie, Mendy Liang, Andrew Williams, Claire Peterson, Daniel Weintraub, Corey T. McMillan, David A. Wolk, Rizwan S. Akhtar, Howard Hurtig, H. Branch Coslett, Roy Hamilton, Andrew Siderowf, John E. Duda, Katya Rascovsky, Edward B. Lee, Virginia M.‐Y. Lee, Murray Grossman, John Q. Trojanowski, David J. Irwin December 15, 2018



To use digital histology in a large autopsy cohort of Lewy Body Disorder (LBD) patients with dementia to test the hypotheses that co‐occurring Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathology impacts the anatomic distribution of α‐synuclein (SYN) pathology and that co‐occurring neocortical tau pathology in LBD associates with worse cognitive performance and occurs in a pattern differing from AD.… Read More...

Reisa A. Sperling, Elizabeth C. Mormino, Aaron P. Schultz, Rebecca A. Betensky, Kathryn V. Papp, Rebecca E. Amariglio, Bernard J. Hanseeuw, Rachel Buckley, Jasmeer Chhatwal, Trey Hedden, Gad A. Marshall, Yakeel T. Quiroz, Nancy J. Donovan, Jonathan Jackson, Jennifer R. Gatchel, Jennifer S. Rabin, Heidi Jacobs, Hyun‐Sik Yang, Michael Properzi, Dylan R. Kirn, Dorene M. Rentz, Keith A. Johnson December 15, 2018



Amyloid‐beta (Aβ) and tau pathologies are commonly observed among clinically normal older individuals at post‐mortem and can now be detected with in vivo neuroimaging. The association and interaction of these proteinopathies with prospective cognitive decline in normal aging and preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (AD) remains to be fully elucidated.… Read More...

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