Elodie Pongan July 10, 2019

American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease &Other Dementias®, Ahead of Print.
Objective:The present report aims to evaluate whether singing intervention can bring an immediate benefit that is greater than the one provided by painting intervention on pain and well-being.Methods:Fifty-nine mild patients with Alzheimer disease were randomized to a 12-week singing (n = 31) or painting group (n = 28). In the present analysis, the immediate evolution of pain and well-being was compared across sessions between the 2 groups using mixed-effects models.Results:We observed a significant improvement in well-being for both singing and painting groups immediately after sessions, compared to the assessment before the sessions. We did not observe this improvement across the sessions for pain intensity measurement.Discussion:Our results revealed that both painting and singing interventions provide an immediate benefit on the patients’ well-being.


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