Trigeminal neuralgia is difficult to treat and shows upregulation of sodium channels. The expectorant ambroxol acts as a strong local anesthetic, about 40 times stronger than lidocaine. It preferentially inhibits the channel subtype Nav1.8, expressed especially in nociceptive C‐fibers. It seemed reasonable to try ambroxol for the treatment with neuropathic facial pain unresponsive to other standard options.

Material and Methods

Medical records of patients suffering from classical trigeminal neuralgia (n = 5) and successful pain reduction following topical ambroxol 20% cream in addition to standard treatment are reported.


All patients reported pain attacks with pain intensity between 4 and 10 NRS (numeric pain scale). In all cases they could be triggered, 3 patients reported additional spontaneous pain. Attacks were reduced in all 5 patients. Pain reduction achieved following ambroxol 20% cream was 2–8 points (NRS) earliest within 15–30 minutes and lasted for 4–6 hours mostly. This was reproducible in all cases; in one case pain was eliminated after 1 week. No patient reported side effects or skin changes; oral medication was reduced in 2 patients.


For the first time, a clinically significant pain relief following topical ambroxol 20% cream in patients with trigeminal neuralgia is reported. In view of the positive side effect profile, topical ambroxol for patients with such a highly impaired quality of life should be investigated further as a matter of urgency.


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