Introduction: Medically intractable tremors are a common, difficult clinical situation. Deep brain stimulation decreases Parkinson’s disease resting tremor and essential tremor, but not all patients are candidates from a diagnostic, medical, or social standpoint, prompting the need for alternative surgical strategies.

Methods: We describe 13 patients with medically intractable tremor treated with laser interstitial thermal thalamotomy performed under general anesthesia using live MRI‐guidance and the Clearpoint stereotactic system.

Results: All patients had a dramatic decrease in tremor immediately postoperatively, which has been sustained through follow‐up (3‐17 months) in all but 1 patient (mean tremor score reduction of 62%; 10.33 ± 2.69 to 3.89 ± 3.1). Objective side effects were transient and included imbalance and paresthesia.

Conclusion: Medically intractable tremor treated with laser interstitial thermal thalamotomy may be a useful addition to the treatment armamentarium for medically intractable tremor disorders. © 2018 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society


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