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One of the new topics that has attracted the attention of researchers in recent years is neuro-marketing. The purpose of the present study is to achieve an insight into the progress of studies on neuro-marketing through review of scientific articles in this field with methodology text-mining. A total of 394 articles were selected between 2005 and 2017 using the search for “neuro-marketing” in valid databases. By reviewing the title, abstract, and keywords at various stages of screening, the researchers selected 311 articles related to the neuro-marketing topic in order to carry out the text mining process. Then, pre-processing of data was performed and using cluster analysis, 6 optimal clusters were obtained according to Davis Bouldin index. Using the multi-attribute decision-making technique (SAW), the most important roots were ranked in each cluster. The results showed that interest in research on neuro-marketing has increased in recent years and clusters created around topics such as marketing strategies, advertising and video ads, ethical issues, advertising message components, neuroscience in marketing, economics and consumer behavior, and decision making and brand selection. The study shows that the researchers’ attention is moving from the concepts and principles of the use of neuroscience in marketing, economics and consumer behavior to design and develop marketing strategies using neuroscience.


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