Neurofilaments are neuron‐specific intermediate filaments essential for the radial growth of axons during development and the maintenance of axonal diameter. Pathogenic variants of NEFL are associated with CMT1F, CMT2E, and CMTDIG and have been observed in less than 1% of CMT cases, resulting in the reporting of 35 variants in 173 CMT patients to date. However, only six variants have been reported in 17 patients with impaired hearing. No genotype‐phenotype correlations have yet been established.

Here, we report an additional case: a 69‐year‐old female, who originally presented with axonal sensory and motor neuropathy at the age of 45, associated with moderate sensorineural hearing loss, with a slight slope at high frequencies. NGS identified a novel pathogenic variant: c.269A>G, p.(Glu90Gly).

Hearing impairment is often linked to CMT due to pathogenic variants of NEFL, especially p.(Glu90Lys) and p.(Asn98Ser), and in our case p.(Glu90Gly). These pathogenic variants are all located at hot spots, in the head domain and the two ends of the rod domain of the protein.


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